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Call waiting and Call forwarding issues

Call waiting/Call forwarding is not working

Call waiting

This service allows a customer who is already conversing with another party to be informed by a call waiting tone of 15 seconds duration that another call is waiting. He can then choose one of the following:

-Ignore the new call.
-Terminate the call in progress and accept the new call.
-Hold the original call and accept the new call.

A ringing tone is sent to the calling customer. The new call will be rejected if no action is taken within 15 seconds. The two calls are entirely separated and secrecy is provided in this state.

In the held configuration, the customer can switch between the two calls as many time as he needs, or terminate the call in progress and initiate the held one.

Call Waiting Service
To activate: press *43 #
To deactivate: press # 43 #
    • if call waiting is not working or you can see caller id of first caller but you cannot see caller id of second caller try to deactivate and re-activate the call waiting service using the code combination
    • otherwise call customer care and register your complaint because a technician visit is required to co-ordinate with main office engineers.

Call forwarding

Incoming calls to a customer with this service are forwarded to another number (be it a pager, mobile or voice mail). Outgoing calls are not affected by the service. Call Forwarding is available in 3 options:

-Call Forwarding - Unconditional
To activate: press *21*( enter telephone number calls to be forwarded to) #
To deactivate: press #21# ( from your own telephone)
-Call Forwarding - on No Reply
To activate: press *61*(telephone number calls to be forwarded to)
To deactivate: press # 61 #
-Call Forwarding - on Busy
To activate: press * 67 * (telephone number calls to be forwarded to) #
To deactivate: press # 67 #

To deactivate all above: press ##02#
  • so please call customer care center and register your complaint for troubleshooting.


  1. Pl follow this updates article for etisalat uae call forwarding

  2. Is the call forwarding facility free of charge?

  3. my landline calls being tracked or diverted. #61# and #21# - actually redials the previous call made.

    1. Pls kindly register one complaint in Etisalat for such cases, they must activate the call forwarded number in their system

  4. Call forwarding is chargeable and how much they charge

    1. yes call forwarding is chargeable, it costs 50AED

  5. How long time it will take for active call forwarding...

    1. Is there any possibility to activate call forwarding when the number we want to forwarded to cannot accessible as we already remove our telephone on that line?

  6. tried several times to deactivate call forwarding by pressing #21# but in vain! any advice from anyone?

  7. just now from Etisalat 101 ... to remove all call forwarding issues dial ##002# then restart your phone.