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CCB not working

Telephone problem - Code Control Barring (CCB) not working

Code Control Barring (CCB) code is used for locking STD (0 dial) and ISD (00 dial) to avoid unauthorized use of telephone service. To use CCB you have to apply for CCB service and you will receive a personal secret code.

To activate: press * 33 *personal_code#
(To verify the activation of service please press * # 33 #)

To deactivate: press # 33 *personal_code#

If CCB is not working
  • try to deactivate first using #33*personal_code# and activate again using *33*personal_code# and try for STD or ISD call

  • otherwise call customer care center and register your complaint because
    • CCB code provided may not be shown/updated/matched with backbone system data
    • CCB code may be wrongly issued
    • in case of upgrade/migrate CCB issue may occur due to technical reasons.

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