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Common Dial up Errors

Common Dial up Errors

Here are the some common dial-up errors you are most likely to encounter:

Error 680

This is a "no dial tone" error. It could mean several things.
  • you haven't plugged the phone cord into the back of the computer, 
  • your phone line is dead, 
  • your phone is off the hook or in use, 
  • your phone cord is bad or too long (over 25 feet is not good and could be the problem), 
  • your phone cord is plugged into an ethernet port or the "phone" extension next to the correct port (the phone extension is for a cord going to your telephone so you can use both with the same jack), or last of all, 
  • there's something wrong with your modem. 
Luckily, this error is usually easy to fix, you just have to test these areas to see which one is causing the problem. If all else fails, in some rare cases, you must see a technician to repair your computer.

Error 691

Your username or password is invalid.

This means either something is typed incorrectly, there's something wrong with the access number you're using or you account has been terminated, suspended, or withheld. If retyping your username and password or recreating the connection does not resolve this, call your ISP. You probably just need to pay a bill or get new username or password or try some other troubleshooting tips.

Error 678

Your modem cannot establish a connection/there is no answer.

  • Check if ONT is up and working
  • Restart your ONT.
  • Check your cable is okay or not.
  • Try to setup dial up using second port of your ONT
  • Otherwise call customer care and register your complaint.

Error 633

The modem is in use. Make sure you aren't already connected with another connection or that nothing else is using the internet connection. The easiest thing to do is restart you computer and the connections will automatically drop. You may need to reinstall your modem if the problem persists.

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