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Fax not working

Fax not working

Try to dial your fax number from mobile or any other landline number, 

  • if ring is not going then
    • problem may be from ONT, check if ONT is up and working
    • if you hear busy tone, then close your fax properly and restart
  • if ring is going then
    • check if your fax is working i.e. powered up, ink, ink cartridge, paper conditions.
    • check if there is any other fax queue, try to clear the queue.
    • check if cable connection from fax to the telephone socket or the ont is okay or not.
  • if your fax and its environment is good then
    • try to send a fax, if receiver is not receiving the fax then
      • your fax account is not configured to send data (only voice service is active), so call customer care center and register your complaint. Technician should call engineering support to activate your data service also.
    • try to receive a fax, if you cannot receive fax then
      • there must not be dial tone in your fax also, if there is dial tone then there is problem in your fax machine
      • if there is no dial tone, then there is problem in the ONT, so you have to call customer care center and register your complaint for further troubleshooting by technician.

  • No some fax machine may not support the fiber optic infrastructure, so first confirm with your service provider and try to replace the fax machine with supported one. 

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