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Etisalat customer care number is 101 or 800101. Du customer care number for fixed home service is 043905555. I am not related to Etisalat and Du, blog was prepared with the help of Internet resources.

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Incoming and outgoing call


No incoming and/or outgoing call troubleshooting

Before complaining to Etisalat, please check following things because if there is any fault from your side, otherwise Etisalat will charge you to fix the problem.


Check the lights on the ONT (the Etisalat fiber optic box). If there is no light on the ONT or if there is only power light or if there is red light on OPTICAL/LOS indicator or if OPTICAL/ PON/ LINK/ WAN/ CONFIG indicator is blinking, then please TURN OFF and TURN ON the ONT and wait for 3 minute. If still there is same issues as described before, you must register your complaint by calling 101. They will send their engineers to fix the problem.

No light in Optical LED => ONT Configuration issue from ISP or ONT faulty

Red light in Optical LED => fiber link broken

Your Scenario

  • Incoming call not ringing (but you can make outgoing call)
    • make sure your telephone set volume is not fixed to low or mute setting
    • If you have recently upgraded or migrated from existing telephone or internet connection to eLife connection or from old copper system, this problem occurs basically from service provider side. During upgrade/migrate/new provisioning your telephone account must be configured properly in system and transferred to the ONT. So register your complaint to service provider. There is no any charges for the troubleshooting.

  • No outgoing call but Incoming call is okay
    • Check the billing if you are old customer and using services more than one month. If bill is already paid, you must call your service provider to fix the issue. There is no charges for troubleshooting.
    • For new installation and migration, service engineer must check incoming and outgoing. By default you can make only landline calls. So you must book complaint to activate outgoing to mobile and international calls. (technically - you should request to activate 0 and 00). The activation and deactivation charge may be applicable so make sure about it also.

  • Incoming and outgoing call both are not working
    • If there is both no incoming and no outgoing in telephone service, read this article
      No Dial Tone

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