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No dial tone

Telephone Problem - NO DIAL TONE

NO DIAL TONE is one of the common issue, before complaining to Etisalat please check following things because if there is any fault in your side, else you will receive 50 - 250 AED charge if fault is from your side.


Check the lights on the ONT (the Etisalat fiber optic box). If there is no light in the ONT or if there is only power light or if there is red light on OPTICAL/LOS indicator or if OPTICAL/ PON/ LINK/ WAN/CONFIG indicator is blinking, then please TURN OFF AND TURN ON the ONT and wait for 3 minute. If still there is same issue as describe before, you must register your complaint by calling 101. They will send their engineers to fix the problem.

No light in Optical LED => Configuration issue from ISP or ONT is faulty

Red light in Optical LED => Fiber link is broken


If ONT lights are normal (internet and iptv are working fine), then please dial your landline number from mobile.

A) If the ring is going but you cannot hear the ringtone means

  • Please go through the checklist below and take necessary action, there could be problem from your side
  • There could be configuration issues from the service provider

  1. Your telephone set is arranged properly.
    Check for telephone set manual also if you are not sure.
  2. The volume level of the set is fixed to medium or high level
  3. No loose connection between telephone socket and the telephone set
  4. No loose connection at ONT to the socket or ONT to the telephone set
    Check the RJ11 connector of the telephone cable is fixed on TEL1 port of the ONT. This is default scenario, please do not use another port unless you know what you are doing
  5. Telephone patch cable (RJ11 cable) is not broken or left bare for short-circuit
    Change the damaged wire or old multiple-output socket
  6. If you have cordless set then check whether the power is provided or not or it charging or not.
  7. Your telephone set should be in good condition, no outdated battery should be there.
    If you have one spare, you can use that one also

B) If there is busy tone
  • there are physical problem at your side
    Go through the above checklist and take necessary action
  • there is configuration issues from the service provider


There may be no dial tone if there is technical problem in ONT or from service provider.
  • faulty ONT
    • If there is no light in the ONT 
    • If there is only power light
    • If there is red light on OPTICAL/LOS indicator
    •  If OPTICAL/ PON/ LINK/ WAN/ CONFIG indicator is blinking.
  • faulty service from ONT
    • no proper sync between ONT and service provider's system
    • duplicate mac address saved in service provider's system 
    • faulty mapping of telephone number from service provider's side
  • In both previous cases, try to turn off and turn on again. Wait 3 to 4 minutes so that ONT will operate itself. Repeat one more time if the problem is still the same call customer service center and register your complaint.

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