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Aztech 605EW firmware upgrade

Firmware upgrading of Aztech 605EW router for eLife (Broadband connection) support

Requirement :

- This firmware is not for the router that is working with eLife Connection only for those who want to upgrade their ADSL router to Broadband Router

- Download firmware from [recommended]

- Original firmware is accessible from

  1. Connect your computer on port 2 of Aztech router.
  2. Open internet explorer and type
  3. Give username admin and password admin if asked.
  4. Click on Advanced> Firmware Upgrade.

  5. From the main page, click on Browse, locate and select the file, single.annexA.upgrade.img, which you have downloaded earlier.

  6. Click on Update Gateway for the update

  7. A progress bar will be shown while updating the unit’s firmware, wait until the bar reaches the end. DO NOT SWITCH THE MODEM OFF DURING UPDATE.

  8. When it’s done with the update process, the message below will be shown.

  9. After that reset your modem using a pin to the point near to power supply point of the modem where reset is written in small letter

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