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Aztech router configuration

Aztech 605E Router Configuration for eLife

This router is suitable for both ADSL connection (copper) and Broadband connection (fiber). If your router has old firmware, then you must perform firmware upgrade in this kind of router. Step by step guide for the firmware upgrade of this router can be found here - Firmware upgrade for eLife support

  1. Connect your computer with port 2 or 3 of Aztech router
  2. Open internet explorer and type
  3. if username and password is asked, type admin as username and admin as password.

    ----------------------- START of steps to Create Internet Connection -----------------------------
  4. Go Advanced > Point your mouse to WAN then select New Connection.

  5. Select Ethernet from Connection Interface field, give any name on Name field. Click Apply > Save Settings. You will get error message something like this PVC value not valid/working. Repeat the Step 4 and 5 again so that the error message is resolved.

  6. Now type username and password and click Apply and then Save Settings

    ----------------------- END of steps to Create Internet Connection -----------------------------

  7. Now for wifi configuration

    ----------------------- START of steps to Create Wireless Connection --------------------------

    Go to Wireless > Setup > Give your wifi name > Select the Enable SSID option > Apply
  8. Click on Restart Access Point on upper menu. Then click Save Settings.
  9. Click on Security > Select WPA2 or any encryption for password > Give password > Apply > Restart Access Point > Save Settings.
  10. Restart your router and connect the wire from ONT to the Port number 4 or the router.

    ----------------------- END of steps to Create Wireless Connection --------------------------


  1. Hello...
    I am using Aztech DSL605EW router. Recently I have upgraded my laptop to Win 8 Pro. Now I am facing frequent disconnection of Wi-Fi network. I have updated network adaptor driver and changed adaptor power plan to maximum performance. Still I am facing the same problem. I do not have any problem with other systems running on Win 7 Home Premium and Mobile Phones. Do I need to upgrade firmware? Appreciate your help in resolving the issue.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Aztech DSL605EW is also not supporting some latest model of Samsung and some other android phone over wifi, may be it is not supporting Windows 8 Pro also. Instead of changing the router firmware you can use Cisco Linksys E900 or higher series.

  2. Dear,

    Before, once I will change our password I can directly log in using the admin-admin but right now I cant log in anymore. What will I do?How will I know or reset the username and password?, Kindly help me because I need to reset our password. Thank you.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Default username is admin and without password, if you have change the password and forgot, then you must reset the router by pressing RESET button and configure the router again but please make sure whether your connection is ADSL (copper connection) or Broadband (fiber connection) and you have the Etisalat provided username and password (eight alphanumeric characters).

  3. How can I use this as an additional access point or wireless reapeter?

  4. Sir, i was using mac filtering with Astech DSL605EW router .now my samsug core dues mobie mac id is not reading with the router . i would like to know how to remove this mac filtering and i want to use it with normal password protection .. waiting your reply

    1. Dear Sir, If you have done setup for mac filtering you can remove/disable mac filtering option otherwise if you have the internet username and password then pls reset the router to factory settings are again configure the router.

  5. hey .
    i having a problem with the router ... it works fine with Ethernet cable ,but every time i restart it, the wifi setting resets and the password changes .so i have to re-set the password again .
    is there a way to make the wifi settings constant after reboot ??

    1. Hello,

      follow these
      a) change wifi password
      b) click apply button
      c) click restart access point option > OK
      d) click save settings option > OK

    2. that's how i change the password .. i know but once the power goes off, and then back on . i have to re do all these steps all over again .
      my question is how to prevent the password from changing after restart ??

    3. either router has some issue or you should use one cat6 patch cord instead of changing password over wifi