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Aztech 3G Router Configuration

Aztech 3G (HW550 - 3G) Router Configuration

1) Your ONT, router and laptop should be turned ON and after that Make following setup (connection between ONT and Router WAN Port is not required until you want your internet working :))

2) Open internet explorer or firefox, type
3) Type username admin and password admin (default)
4) Go to Quick Setup tab
5)  Make following settings
  • Language and Time zone:
    Select any Time Zone
  • Mobile Broadband/Ethernet WAN: 
    • Select Ethernet WAN as Connection Type
    • Select PPPoE as Network Type
    • Give username and password provided by ISP
    • Select Always Connected as Connection Method
  • Wireless
    • Select the Wireless Enabled option
    • Type any wifi name on SSID option
    • Select WPA Enabled option
    • Type any password for your wifi
    • Select Broadcast SSID option
  • Click on Apply button to save and restart the router with new settings


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