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Blank Screen on IPTV

Blank Screen on IPTV

Possible causes and solutions
    • STB and PVR are usually connected to your TV via AV Cables or HDMI cables, select the right input source where the IPTV is connected with your TV using your TV Remote or TV/AV button located in your TV or in TV Remote.

    • TV or IPTV could be in standby mode (red light in receiver), run both TV and IPTV in LIVE / RUNNING mode (press Power Button on receiver remote)
    • Check whether there is TIME/DATE displaying in the IPTV receiver or not,
      • if there is date/time in STB or PVR but blank screen, restart your STB/PVR, press Power button of IPTV remote to run the IPTV in LIVE mode, otherwise call Etisalat support number and register your complaint because either ONT is not providing the service properly or your IPTV receiver is faulty
      • first check CAT6 cable (cable coming from ONT to the IPTV receiver) connection,
      • to check whether the ONT is responding and providing an ip-address to the STB / PVR, directly connect your laptop to the CAT6 cable attached to the STB / PVR, your laptop should get an ip-address (generally 10.x.x.x network)
      • if your laptop is getting ip-address from the CAT6 cable connected to the STB / PVR but there is no TIME/DATE, call Etisalat support number and register your complaint because either STB / PVR is faulty or there is problem from service provider.
    •  Do the following Press Menu then Red Button and then Blue Button on receiver remote. A new screen will appear. Go to Debug option then go to Reset Factory Setting. Press OK button. After that receiver will restart and all previous normal operations will be restored.

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