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Etisalat Residential Gateway Configuration

Residential Gateway (RGW) - Aztech RGW Configuration for Etisalat 3P Service

------ Start --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Connect your RGW to Computer

------ Login --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. Go to web address If RGW is already captured in the system, the default username is enggadmin and password is aDm1n$TR8r  otherwise check the installation manual for default username and password.

------ Note  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Go to Administration > Home Details. Make sure you have valid Serial number, xxxxxxxxxxx not appended, and latest firmware version.

------ VLAN Setting --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3. Go to Security -> Routing -> WAN interfaces VLAN. Type the assigned VLAN IDs for IPTV, Internet, VoIP and Management. Then Click Save button.

Ensure Management IP should be available. The RGW will reboot after applying the settings. After reboot, WAN Interface IP addresses for ETH0, IPTV and Voice IP address is available.

------ VoIP Setting  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4. Go to Voice over IP -> Voice Network. Select DHCP Mode, give the Proxy Server IP and Port (if Proxy server and Registrar Server are same then use same value). Click Save Button.

5. Go to Voice over IP -> SIP Accounts. Give Account Number as User Name, Account Password as Password and Account No. as Phone Number then click Save. Ensure On Voice over IP > Voice Network > Voice over IP stat is up and there is dial tone. [Some time the ONT and RGW restart is required.]

------ Internet Setting  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 6. Go to Broadband Connection  > Connection Settings. Type username and password as provided. Then Click Save button.

------ Wifi Setting  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 7. Go to Wifi > General
  • Enable the Enable Wireless option
  • Type SSID (wifi name)
  • Enable the Broadcast SSID option
  • Select b+g+n in Mode option
  • Select Auto in Channel option
  • Type wifi  password in Security Key option
  • Select WPA/WPA2 Mixed in Security Mode option 
  • Click Save button
8. Reboot RGW
9. Connect ONT (first Internet port by default) with RGW WAN port to run Telephone, Internet and IPTV.

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