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Extending wire and wireless network - Part 2

Extending wire and wireless network - Part 2

There are many methods to extend your network both Wired Network and Wireless Network. I would like to describe Two Methods in this blog.
  • Extending using Dynamic IP method [Part 1]
  • Extending using Relay method
    1. Using DHCP Relay [Part 2]
    2. Using DNS Relay [Part 3]

B) Extending network using DHCP Relay


1) Router 1 is having internet throught ONT and you want to extend your wire and wireless connection.
2) Router 2 should be also broadband router. Router 2 will relay the DHCP IP Addresses from Router 1 to its local network.
3) Let's do the case study with examples


a) Connect Router 1 and ONT using PPPoE method (default broadband connection used to provide internet connection)
b) Connect any LAN port of Router 2 to the LAN port of Router 1


c) Now configure Router 2. 

1) Here is the example 1 with Aztech 605 router as Router 2
  • Login to the router
    • Connect your PC to the Aztech router
    • Open internet explorer, type
    • User admin as user and admin as password (or without password)

  • Setup
    • Go to Advance > WAN Interface > Quick Setup or any connection name appearing after the option Connection Scan
    • Click on Delete button to remove and WAN Interface > Save Settings
    • Go to Basic > LAN Configuration
    • Define router ip address, give host name, give router 1 IP address as Domain
    • select DHCP Relay option
    • Click Apply then Click Save settings

    • Manage your wifi name and wifi security in Wireless Link


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    1. Hi, i recently post a question regarding access control of mac addresses, in my router dlink 850l there are 30 clients limit, but i input/ added only 20 clients mac addresses, and it pop up a message that mac table is full, so how can i add more clients/users

  3. Static DHCP does not working on Etisalat provided DIR-850L router. Devices simply do not get static IP, but they get IP from the DHCP pool. Clearly appears to be a software bug. Crew at 101 is unable to "understand" the problem in first place. Any thoughts?