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Cisco Linksys E900 eLife Configuration

Cisco Linksys E900 eLife Configuration

a) Connect your router with computer (any LAN Port) and ONT (Etisalat Main Device).

b) Login to your router 
- Open Internet Explorer and type 
- Default Login username is admin and password is admin. 
- If following page is appearing Click Ok button.

 c) Internet Setup
- Go to Setup > Basic Setup and select English as default Language.
- Select PPPoE for Internet Connection Type
- Give internet username and password as provided from ISP
- Select Keep Alive
- Give Router Name as you wish
- You can increase number of users (Last Value is 254) in Maximum Number of Users in  DHCP Server Setting
- Click Save Setting button
- Click Reboot button


d)  Wireless Setup
- Go to Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings
- Select Manual
- Give wifi name in Network Name (SSID)
- Make sure you have enabled the SSID Broadcast so that wifi name will be visible to you.
- Click Save Settings

- Go to Wireless > Wireless Security
- Select WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode
- Give wireless password
- Click Save Settings

e) Reboot Your Router. After Reboot, search the wifi name in your computer and give wifi password to connect to the internet.

Securing your router series - Aztech 605E

Securing your router - Aztech 605E

If you are sharing your wifi or using wifi with no wifi password, there are the chances that outsider will retrieve your eLife/Al Shamil username and password and use them somewhere else. Here I will describe a simple method to block unauthorized access to your router and the method is to modify default login username/password of the router.

Here is illustration to keep password on Aztech 605E (single antenna) router.

  1. Log in to your router by typing
  2. If it ask for username and password type admin as username and press Log In (no need to put password, or admin if not working)
  3. Go to Advanced > System Password
  4. Select Enable Authentication, give User Name, give Password and click Apply and click Save Settings

    Now whoever will try to access your router, the router will ask for username and password.