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Cisco Linksys E900 eLife Configuration

Cisco Linksys E900 eLife Configuration

a) Connect your router with computer (any LAN Port) and ONT (Etisalat Main Device).

b) Login to your router 
- Open Internet Explorer and type 
- Default Login username is admin and password is admin. 
- If following page is appearing Click Ok button.

 c) Internet Setup
- Go to Setup > Basic Setup and select English as default Language.
- Select PPPoE for Internet Connection Type
- Give internet username and password as provided from ISP
- Select Keep Alive
- Give Router Name as you wish
- You can increase number of users (Last Value is 254) in Maximum Number of Users in  DHCP Server Setting
- Click Save Setting button
- Click Reboot button


d)  Wireless Setup
- Go to Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings
- Select Manual
- Give wifi name in Network Name (SSID)
- Make sure you have enabled the SSID Broadcast so that wifi name will be visible to you.
- Click Save Settings

- Go to Wireless > Wireless Security
- Select WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode
- Give wireless password
- Click Save Settings

e) Reboot Your Router. After Reboot, search the wifi name in your computer and give wifi password to connect to the internet.


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