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Reset the Etisalat Internet Password

User Safety - Reset the Etisalat Internet Password

Yesterday your internet was working all fine. Today when you woke up your router is either showing orange/red color for internet connectivity or your browser is showing “Internet username and password is being used in another location …..”  And when you try dial up connection upon the instruction provided by 101 Customer Service Representative you suddenly kicked out from the system.

Your internet username and password can be used in another location and if your
  • router wifi is open or your wifi password is your mobile number
  • you are sharing the internet with other people but your router password is blank or admin or password

  • There is 50AED cost for changing the password
  • Before you reset the internet password, make sure you know how to configure your router because you should put your new password in your router
  • Change your internet password regularly in the interval of 80-90 days for best practice

1) Reset our password
  •  Go to
  •  Type your current username and password
  •  Type your new password twice and press submit
  •  Upon successful password change you will receive successful message

2) Configure your router
  • Login to your router
  • Configure the password for PPPoE connection
  • Save settings and reboot your router
  • Sometime restarting of the ONT is also required if you are exceptional


  1. I tried today to change my password, but I didn't receive any confirmation and the password didn't change. Does take a time? Will I be informed when the password change?

    1. The confirmation is visible to same page, please use Internet Explorer.

  2. my wifi router is not working, what can i do, please guide me. thanx

  3. how can i get my etisalat username and password?i'm from the philippines, and i can't access or use my router. thank you

    1. Please visit nearest Etisalat office to get your internet username and internet password.

      For the router, the default username and password for login is admin

  4. How we can get passwd of dsl if we forget passwd .

    1. sir there are two options

      a) book your complaint to 101 and wait for field engineer to provide you existing or new password
      b) you can visit etisalat office and get new password

  5. i have use my etisalat wifi router
    so many people know my password and they are using

    i want to change my old password to protect my account

    1. Pls refer this page

      a) find your router model
      b) apply the settings

    2. Hi in my office we using router Hwuai HG851a, would like to chnage the password. Please help

    3. Huawei HG851A is Etisalat main fiber optic box, there should be another wifi router, please check the model of that router and find settings in this page.

  6. I am trying to connect a D-Link router into my place as well as having the original Etisalat router to improve coverage. My PPPoE Username and Password is that what I use to login to the Etisalat account online or is it the Username and Password of the existing Etisalat router? Or something entirely different?

  7. Can i u se my router in india???

  8. Dear Sir I forgot the D-link password can you help me

    1. pls send mail to with details