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IPTV Troubleshooting - ERROR ID 1 (MACHBLUE ERROR)

IPTV Troubleshooting - ERROR ID 1 (MACHBLUE ERROR)

ERROR ID -1 is most common in new IPTV firmware. IPTV 1.5 and IPTV 2.0 (old firmware) has no such issues.

What is this problem ?
You will receive Etisalat logo, the IP address received by IPTV and Error description 'MACHBLUE ERROR' and ERROR Code #1.

Why this is happening ?
The newly introduced IPTV firmware has this bug. (I hope Etisalat will remove this bug in later versions). If you press RED button of IPTV receiver remote (for STAND BY mode) and again press the same button to bring the IPTV receiver in LIVE MODE, you will encounter such issue.

The receiver SLEEP and WAKE function are not syncing properly.

How to fix ?

a) Press Menu button on the remote or

b) Please TURN OFF your IPTV receiver and TURN ON again. This issue will be resolved. This is, however, temporary solution. Etisalat should maintain the functionality so there is nothing to do until this bug is fixed.

c) If step (a) is not solving this issue. Please perform following actions in your IPTV receiver remote

  • Press Menu then RED button and BLUE button (these buttons are in one row RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE)
  • After some seconds, a new screen will appear. Go to Debug option and then click OK on Reset Factory Settings option.
  • The receiver will restart itself then everything will work fine again.
c) If step (a) or (b) is not working, please call 101 and register your complaint ;)

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