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ERROR ID - 7 is most common in IPTV and it depends upon wire connectivity from ONT to the IPTV receiver.

What is this problem ?
You will receive Etisalat logo, the IP address received by IPTV and Error description 'MACHBLUE ERROR' and ERROR Code #7.

Why this is happening ?

(a) Loose wire connectivity from ONT or RJ45 Socket to the IPTV Ethernet port.

  • there is loose connection
  • RJ45 connector is damaged or the RJ45 Socket is damaged
  • wire is defective

(b) Service activation issue from ONT.

  • Port may not active
  • Wire is connected in wrong port of ONT (default is 2 for eLife subscriber and 1 for EVision Subscriber)

How to fix ?

(a) Remove loose wire connectivity from ONT or RJ45 Socket to the IPTV Ethernet port.

(b) If you direct connect the wire to your laptop, your laptop should receive unique IP Address from ONT, if it is not receiving any IP ADDRESS (except 169.X.X.X), call 101 to fix the wiring issue or the port activation issue.

c) If step (a) or (b) is not working, please call 101 and register your complaint ;)

PS: make sure the ONT is TURNED ON and working properly.

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