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Etisalat IPTV Receiver freezing

Etisalat IPTV (STB or PVR) Receiver freezing

What is happening ?

When you turn on the Settop Box (STB) or Personal Video Recorder (PVR) , preview is OK at main page but when you press OK button to view the channel:

  • after 2-3 seconds the channel freezes or
  • scratch picture appears after few minutes
  • when you change the channel STB freezes 

Why it is happening ?

  • poor cabling
    If cable is broken, or cable is highly bended or RJ45 connector is not fixed properly
  • low quality cable used
    Always use Etisalat provided cat6 cable which is free and very high quality
  • problem in socket connection
    If there is too many socket connection or socket connection is poor
  • problem in IPTV port configuration in ONT
    If there is some configuration issues for your IPTV account or ONT port

How to fix this problem ?

You should call 101 and request for technical staff to visit. Please never change cable position or reset the IPTV receiver from your side. The technical staff will visit to your place and check for physical connections and if needed he will call the back-office support to change ONT configuration for IPTV port.

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