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Frequent Internet Disconnection

Frequent Internet Disconnection

What is happening ?
Your Internet service is active for few minutes, hours or days, then suddenly there is no internet service.


This kind of problem occurs if

  1. Problem from Solution Provider side
    • the ONT (optical network terminal, i.e. main connection box) is receiving poor optical signal strength  from FDH (fiber distribution hub located at main telephone room). Such problem can be solved by changing the fiber optic fast connector (at ONT side and/or FDH side) and/or fiber cable. Note: You will see no lights or RED light in the ONT
    • there is high loss of optical signal from FDH itself, such problem can be resolved by maintaining the main splitter feeder and/or splitter port mapped to the ONT.
    • the power adapter of the ONT is faulty or not proper, so it can be resolved by changing the power adapter.
    • the ONT port or ONT itself is faulty, so it can be resolved by changing the ONT.
  2. Problem from customer side
    • Check the CAT6 wire and RJ45 connector condition. If the wire is not properly connected to the socket or to the router/computer or to the ONT, you may experience frequent disconnection.
    • Check the condition of the CAT6 patch wire connected between ONT and the Internet socket or Router/computer (in case of dial up connection)
    • In many cases such problem is due to faulty wire connection inside the Internet socket.
    • If your router has 'WAN setting' set to 'Keep Alive' method as 'On Demand', you will experience the internet disconnection if you are not using internet for more than 5 minutes. Refer to the router manual or call 101 to change the router internal setting, i.e. changing the value of  'Keep Alive' option to 'Always on'.

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