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Users list showing in TV screen

User list is showing in TV screen when Etisalat IPTV is TURNED ON

What is happening ?

Users list is showing at main screen.

Why it is happening ?

You are logged out either by

  • Pressing Logout button located at Extra submenu of LIVE TV Screen
  • Due to Timeout from server or initial configuration is changed in receiver.

What to do ?

The basic logic is to make one of the user a default user for login to the main screen. For this first select the user you want to login by default and provide login password. Then login to use the all regular IPTV features.
  • From the users list, select the user named Admin
  • Go to sub menu and click Make default
  • Give password 1111, press OK
  • Again select user named Admin
  • Go to sub menu and click Login
  • Give password 1111
  • Next time you restart your STB/PVR, users list will not appear.

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