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Change wireless password - Dlink 2750U

Change wireless password for Dlink 2750U

Before you begin: 
You must know how to change wifi settings in your computer.


1. Connect your laptop with cat6 patch cable to the port 2 (except WAN) of the router.
2. Type in Internet browser and press enter
3. Type admin as username and admin as password for login

4. At left hand side menu, select Wireless, then click Security tab

5. Select WPA Personal Auto in Network Authentication field
6. Type new wifi password in WPA/WPAI passphrase field
7. Verify new password by clicking "Click here to display"
8. Click Apply/Save button
9. Change the wifi password in your computer.


  1. Problem with my RE1000 Linksys range extender

    My wireless router is in the basement and there is a PC there connected

    to it by wire. I have the RE1000 which sits next to a pc and is supposed

    to give range to the pc, as well as one lap top, an Ipad, two iphones.

    Unfortunately the devices upstairs (the mobile phones, ipad and the lap

    top) keep losing their internet signal multiple times during the day.

    Turning off the wi-fi and then on, helps, but momentarily.

    What is the solution? Should I use a secondary extender?

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  10. How to change my WiFi password
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