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Recover Etisalat Internet Password from Aztech 605

Recover Etisalat Internet Password - Aztech 605

a) Access the router page

1. Type in your computer Internet browser
2. The default username is admin without password (if asked type admin for password)

b) Access the WAN connection page

1. Go Advanced > Point your mouse to WAN
2. In the dropdown menu, then select the option which is below "Connection Scan"
(PS: most field engineer will put the name "gpon" or "quick start")

c) Access the source page where password is available

1. Now right click anywhere in that page, select view page source or view source option
2. A page will open in new tab or new window.

d) Find the password

1. At that new window or tab page, press "Control"+"f" to open a wizard which helps to search the word in the page.
2. Type the username and click search or find button
3. The password is visible just below the first searched word.

Enjoy !

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