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Etisalat customer care number is 101 or 800101. Du customer care number for fixed home service is 043905555. I am not related to Etisalat and Du, blog was prepared with the help of Internet resources.

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Installation Checklist

Installation Checklist

Substandard installation by field engineers (who are responsible to fix cable, sockets, devices and activate the services such as Internet, IPTV, telephone) is the root cause of customer complaints.

Although most field engineers are well trained, they will try to do short-cut and smart works and fail to adhere the standard. One wrong installation or substandard work is enough to make you suffer for whole contract period. As per Du and Etisalat customer care, both will support their home and enterprise customers for 28 days without any charges provided that there should be no customer fault. But there are the chances - field engineer will re-visit and show customer side fault in their report and make customer to pay the service charges.

In this blog, I will give you idea about installation checklist and common installation standards to verify whether the field engineer is providing quality work or not.

Installation Checklist 

  • Support number available or not
  • On-site payment required or not
  • Router is required or not
  • Verify Landline service
  • Verify Internet service
  • Verify TV service
  • Support number

    Note down the field engineer name and mobile number, his supervisor name and mobile number and customer care number (give one miss call). In UAE it is common to ask field engineer number and name otherwise you will end up answering call center questions.
  • On-site payment

    Do not pay for anything (socket, cat6 and fiber cables, patch cords, connectors, screws, trunking, masking tape) as all are included in installation charge. All you have to do is provide power extension cord upon request.
  • Router

    If you are new customer
    • Etisalat connection
      • always apply for Etisalat PnP router if you are normal residence customer
      • purchase best quality Cisco brand router, if you are enterprise customer. Etisalat router is custom firmware and does not have satisfactory performance but price is double than the market price.
    • Du connection
      • purchase best quality Cisco brand router
      • Du is also providing good quality TPLink router
  • Telephone service

    Check incoming and outgoing (including mobile and international calls) at the same time. It should work. Sometime additional services will be activated when your work order gets closed by the system, so you can expect maximum 24 hour for the activation of additional services.
  • Internet service

    Check the Internet through wire connection from socket and wireless connection both. Ask field engineer to verify the speed
    • direct from ONT to your laptop
    • from router to your devices using wire connection (should be maximum of applied speed)
    • from wireless connection (will show some loss if you are in another room or bit far away from the router)
    • Field engineer is not responsible for the speed if you are using your own router, low end wireless devices (such as Chinese phones), low end or virus affected laptops or vpn services.
  • TV Service

    Check the TV services, remote control buttons, subscribe channels, picture quality, video output channel, physical condition of HDMI or AV cables. Check for additional features how to operate stuffs.
The below link provides idea about the common installation standards which are acceptable and ensure that they will not give any physical problems. 

Installation Standards

The below pictures shows common installation standards

Du connection

Etisalat connection

Enjoy !!

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