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Installation Standards

Installation Standard

Substandard installation by field engineers (who are responsible to fix cable, sockets, devices and activate the services such as Internet, IPTV, telephone) is the root cause of customer complaints.

Although most field engineers are well trained, they will try to do short-cut and smart works and fail to adhere the standard. One wrong installation or substandard work is enough to make you suffer for whole contract period. As per Du and Etisalat customer care, both will support their home and enterprise customers for 28 days without any charges provided that there should be no customer fault. But there are the chances - field engineer will re-visit and show customer side fault in their report and make customer to pay the service charges.

In this blog, I will give you idea about installation checklist and common installation standards to verify whether the field engineer is providing quality work or not.

Common practices

  • The fiber cable and cat6 cables should be protected, make sure they are not laying fiber openly. Field engineer must protect the cable by using flexible pipe and/or trunking. Inside customer flat/villa/office most ISPs do not provide PVC pipe or COPEX as it is chargeable in most cases.
  • Flexible pipe must be fixed using holder and trunking must be fixed properly using screws after drilling. The self-adhesive trunking is not reliable for more than 1.5m lenth, hence drilling is compulsory. The holder should be fixed on every 1.5m interval and same goes for drilling also (depending upon the protection and strength).
  • Patch cords should be punched or fixed properly if there is patch panel inside customer premise. You can request your ISP for internal cabling but you must apply and pay the manpower and items charges as per agreement. Your ISP is not bound to do internal cabling of your flat/villa/office. 
  • If you have additional router or access point, you can request field engineer to fix them as well but you cannot force them. As for such additional services, you must give application. Your ISP is not bound to configure the devices purchases from outside market.
  • ONT and sockets should be in correct alignment and tightly fixed in the wall. If there is patch panel box, ONT can be placed inside or fixed by drilling the metal plate. Use of the double mask tape is considered as substandard work.
There is common standard for installation. The pictures shown below may vary according to actual site scenario and new training or instructions provided to field engineer. Please make sure they are fixing things properly and is acceptable to you. You don't have to pay them and they are not doing any favor to you by providing quality work. Quality is everybody's responsibility.

Du Installation - above false ceiling area
Du Installation - inside patch panel

Du Installation - wall

Etisalat Installtion - wall

Etisalat Installation - patch panel

The cable arrangement inside the abs box/trunking will be like this

Du connection illustration

Etisalat connection illustration

 The above installation pictures are acceptable and as per common standards.

Click below link to go to get ideas about common checklist to cross verify that your are getting proper services.

Installation Checklist

Enjoy !!

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