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UAE Consumer rights regarding Telecom services

UAE Consumer rights regarding Telecom services

The TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority), UAE has been empowered by Federal Law by Decree No. (3) of 2003, and its amendments, to oversee the telecommunication sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As part of the TRA´s role to represent consumer interests, the TRA has established regulations for the telecommunication service providers in the UAE.

Consumer Rights Regarding Telecommunications Services:

The consumer has the right to:

  • have access to basic telecommunications services at reasonable prices.
  • full pre-contractual and price information that is clear, helpful, adequate accurate and free of charge related to the services and choices offered by a telecommunications service provider in order that the consumer can make an informed choice.
  • receive information assistance from service providers regarding telecommunication services supplied in the UAE
  • fair treatment without undue discrimination between another consumer of the same service.
  • receive full terms and conditions of a service supplied or to be supplied to a consumer.
  • express dissatisfaction with a telecommunication services directly to the service provider who is providing the telecommunication service provider.
  • have complaints handled in an efficient manner.
  • be provided with services that are safe and secure.
  • privacy of personal information.
  • receive a printed telephone directory upon initial subscription of each main line and annually thereafter.
  • be educated on services being offered by service providers (the right to consumer education).
  • access/request billing information.
  • receive an invoice for postpaid services.
  • receive a notification of planned interruption/outage of a telecommunications service.
  • be protected against misleading marketing communications and practices.
  • express dissatisfaction of a licensee´s outcome of an investigation made regarding a complaint about a telecommunications service and to escalate the complaint to the TRA.
  • be notified at least 28 calendar days prior to any price increase or any contractual change that has the effect of a price increase.
  • have the opportunity to terminate a contract without a penalty before an increase in prices takes effect.
  • complaint against unsolicited electronic communications messages (SPAM) pushed by their ISP

Consumer Responsibilities:

Consumers are expected to make responsible decisions and accept a certain level of responsibility when exercising choice or entering into service contracts with the service providers. The consumer should:

  • Keep informed about service offerings as best as possible.
  • Make decisions carefully; having considered the detrimental consequences that may arise from making hasty/ill-informed decisions.
  • Obtain as much information regarding the service, and be aware of other consumers´ experience with similar services.
  • Compare price, and features before making a purchase.
  • Refrain from entering into any schemes that are promoted with fancy terms without enquiring about the details of the offer.
  • Understand your financial capability before entering in to any contract.
  • Read your contract terms and conditions carefully and strive to understand each individual clause before entering in to any contract with a telecommunications service provider.
  • Keep track of changes that have been made to the contract and enquire about them to avoid confusion.
  • Be aware that you should not be coerced to subscribe to any unwanted service.
  • Inform your service provider about your lost/stolen sim card.
  • Inform your service provider about any changes in contact details or any changes in personal circumstances which would affect your contract.
  • Be aware of the usage tariffs of any Value Added Services associated with your main account prior to using such value added services.
  • Ensure the receipt of your invoices of your postpaid account(s) on time, and ensure the accuracy of the transactions.
  • Ensure prompt payment of bills to avoid non-payment disconnection.
  • Ensure that utilization of telecommunication services is not in a manner hazardous to the environment or other users.

Do You Have a Complaint About Your Telecommunication Service?

Your first course of action is to raise your complaint with your service provider. Etisalat or du should acknowledge the receipt of your complaint and provide you with a reference number. Furthermore they should investigate your complaint within a reasonable period of time and communicate the result to you in writing.

After your complaint has been investigated by your service provider and, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may refer your complaint to the TRA >> Here << (


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