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Etisalat DIR 803 & 850 router - Basic setup

Etisalat PNP 803/850 router setup - Basic

Etisalat PnP router is configurable remotely as it is connected to Etisalat ACS (automatic configuration server). Any new Etisalat PnP enable router will collect the configuration from ACS and connect to Internet if account is in ready condition.

In this blog you will be able to configure Etisalat PnP router in case you have to manually configure the router from your side.

Below is the basic option:

1. Connect cat6 wire to your device and router LAN port.

2. Open web browser (like Chrome, IE) and type the ip address

3. Login to the router using username admin and password admin (in some router the login details is provided in a sticker, check bottom of the router or manual) and press Enter button. Etisalat 850 model will not work with same setup. You must look at the bottom of the router for login details.

4. In next page, click Basic

5. Provide the Internet username and password give by Etisalat (via SMS or Card). Please be noted the username and password are case sensitive so need to put the same. Then click Next.

6. Give wifi name and password and click Done.

7. The router will save it's settings and restart. The globe icon in the router will become green if the WAN port is connected in proper ONT port - Usually ETH1 in the ONT

Please visit below link to go through the Advance option

Advance Setup
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