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Etisalat customer care number is 101 or 800101. Du customer care number for fixed home service is 043905555. I am not related to Etisalat and Du, blog was prepared with the help of Internet resources.

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Misc Topics regarding eLife Service

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Registering complaints to Etisalat

In this post you will learn how to register your inquiries or complaint in Etisalat using there toll free customer care number 101. Of course calling customer care is itself headache process but there are basic formalities you must follow in order to get service in time. Please share your experience with Etisalat UAE in this section

Configuring Residential Gateway

RGW is just like extension of ONT. If you have RGW installed or if you want to learn about the configuration of RGW then this guide be very helpful to you. There are many models available in Etisalat, I have described about Aztech RGW but I hope the internal configuration for other model resembles with it, at least logically.

Etisalat frequent Disconnection Problem

This section deals with the most common issue about eLife services internet, telephone and IPTV. This section basically deals with most common problems that may occur to the ONT. ONT is centralized device that provides you multiple services. Please kindly provide your feedback to improve this section.

Antivirus for eLife Users

If you are worried about virus through network, Internet or media devices, you can use Antivirus service provided from Etisalat. You must confirm whether the one year subscription is free or not during application of eLife service. Norton Internet security is robust, efficient and light weight as compared to others. This section will help you to download and register the antivirus application provided by Etisalat


ISDN PRI and ISDN BRI lines are basically used for business customers. This section provides the script for ISDN BRI lines, I hope this will be very helpful for new technicians or learners. All you have to do is copy paste this script, replace the account numbers and proxy ip, and save the settings in Access One ISDN device. You may require ISDN telephone set to verify the lines after applying the script.

Etisalat Online Bill Registration Guide

There are too many ways to interact with Etisalat. For bill payment, raising complaint or inquiries they provide free of cost online account. This section describes about how to use eBill features for bill status check and payment.

Help yourself about Etisalat offers

Etisalat offers their packages either free, discounted rate or with supplement service with low charges. You should be aware about the offer before you agree. This section deals about various Etisalat offers and how to deal with them

Cisco linksys IAD setup and troubleshooting

This section is very helpful for business customers who are using PABX telephone lines or multiple telephone lines using Cisco Linksys IAD. I have provided the very basic configuration for you PBX lines and troubleshooting methods regarding various services or common issues. If you are technician from Etisalat UAE, this page will be handy. If you are learner or IT support in your company make sure to gather the Proxy IP and password from Etisalat before configuring PABX lines in IAD


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