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Password and Security

In this page you will find helpful links to my various posts related to Etisalat provided password change or the recovery, wireless password change, router password change and MAC locking to prevent others to use your wifi.

a) Change the Etisalat provided password

  • If you open internet pages like and you are redirected to one page containing Etisalat message that your account is being used in another location that means 
    • either you also have active copper (legacy) connection with your current username and password running in your home, so you must turn off the active copper connection (old DSL router) and use fiber optic connection only.
    • or someone is using your internet username and password somewhere else within Emirates, so you must change your password in such case.
  • Only change main Etisalat password if you know how to configure your router because you must use the new password in your router to activate in internet connection
  • Please never change the main password provided by Etisalat.

b) Change Wifi password of your router

  • Only required if you are using WEP encryption or you are getting drastic slow browsing or you think your wifi is used by others otherwise no need.
  • The main logic is to login to your router and go to Wireless setup page. Then check for the option or link to change wireless password/security and save/apply the settings.
  • After changing wifi password in the router, you must change the wifi password in your wifi enabled devices such as laptop, mobile, tabs etc.
  • Here are some sample cases

c) Secure your router

  • If you are sharing your Internet connection, it is advised that you secure your router
    • to avoid unauthorized access to your network and devices
    • to prevent stealing of your main Internet username and password

d) Setup the MAC lock [will get back soon, no posts available. <13.1.2014>]

  • MAC lock is useful if you are sharing your wifi with multiple peoples. MAC lock will allow only those wifi devices (mobile, tabs, computers etc which are listed safe by you) to use internet connection.

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